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Material: 88 % cotton, 12 % poliester

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Be stylish and feel super comfy in our new sweatpants. Choose from two beautiful colors – fine creamy or fashionable burgundy. The feeling of comfort is multiplied by a combination ofpopular "drop crotch" cut and soft material thanks to which they are really perfect to wear - at home, in the gym or during your workout.

Characteristic rubber with NEBBIA logo and small silicone „Ns“ on the inner side completes the overall look and makes the pants easy to combine with other mini tops and jacket. Especially with the one -> did you see the new velvet sweatshirt with the hood of the Beautiful Inside & Out line? You can’t imagine how cute this combination is! :)

- soft fluffy material

- beautiful color

- "drop crotch" cut 

- airy and comfy

- firm rubber, but comfortable to wear with small silicone „Ns“ on the inner side

- material: 100% cotton.

How wonderful is it to be a WOMAN? It doesn’t matter if we are tall or tiny, blond, brunette or redhead, with cute freckles and imperfect sun-kissed skin, with a juicy butt or small tits. It doesn’t matter if we love hard workout, thoughtful yoga or dance of any type. It is important to be confident, healthy and in love with our bodies. Because we are all BEAUTIFUL INSIDE & OUT.

In NEBBIA, a lot of women of different heights, weights and body types work here. And together, with our chief designer Stanka, we created the new clothing line full of soft materials and bright colors to show our inner strength and our beautiful imperfections. Everything made for us, WOMEN, brave and emotional at the same time, perfect and beautiful in every way. To feel more comfy and more feminine.

We will be glad to have you in our NEBBIA family and to see you enjoing wearing our clothes. Let’s inspire together every woman and girl around you, to be proud of herself :)